Friday 18th August 2017,
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So apparently, Siliconera has confirmed by use of multiple “trusted sources” that Bravely Default: Flying Fairy will be localized and released in the West. So, while this is fantastic news and all, this is one more game that Square Enix has localized on a portable device while Final Fantasy Type-0 still remains adrift.

However, on the bright side, some may take this as a sign of things to come. Due to the release of Final Fantasy III on PSN for the West, we know that Square Enix are fine with releasing a hard copy of a game in one region (Japan) while only releasing a digital version elsewhere (everywhere else). So, continuing with that line of thought, its not that big of a leap to think that they might do the same thing with Final Fantasy Type-0, especially if its the profit margin that they are worried about, since a digital only version means minimal publication costs (this is doubly important in the case of Final Fantasy Type-0 since it is a two UMD game). Also, as mentioned in my previous opinion article, if it is released on PSN that means it would be available on both the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita, while a hard copy means that it will only be available for the PlayStation Portable.

What does everyone else think? Should we take this as a sign that more titles are being localized? Or should we take this as a sign that Final Fantasy Type-0 is being pushed further and further into the back burner? Regardless of which one you believe to be true, the only way to rectify this is to show Square Enix first hand that the market base for this game is just as, if not bigger, than the market base for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. I do not usually post these links in an article, but please aid us in doing so by signing our petition and liking our facebook!

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  • Xx_Kares_xX

    We are not getting Type-0… it has nothing to do with production costs it has to do with hiring a voice cast and the fact that the PS Vita hasn’t sold well over seas and the PSP is a system that is too frequently hacked, it’s the same reason Sega didn’t localize Valkyria Chronicles 3 (another game that many psp owners really wanted to get their hands on) And we still haven’t gotten official confirmation of Bravely Defaults release, making your article rather misleading. There is supposed evidence TOWARDS it’s release, but it has NOT been officially announced… not to mention FFVersusXIII AND Type-0 were BOTH officially announced for release out of Japan and we haven’t seen either yet, showing just how little we can trust Square with ANYTHING.

    • Ka3DX

      Type-0 had supposedly finished recording and was 90% through translating by the end of 2011, which is what you would expect if you were looking to keep the release dates within a year of each other. Its possible that they just haven’t had the proper chance to formally release the game like they would usually do, for all the reasons you mentioned.

      • Xx_Kares_xX

        ‘Supposedly’ being the keyword here. Until there is a release date I don’t trust anything square says. (And before people read my comment and point it out, yes I know that Bravely Default has NOW been announced for further release, at the time of the comment’s writing, it had not been)

        • Ka3DX

          Yes, well it was just a rumour from someone who “supposedly” witnessed it. It’s not a matter of trusting anything square says, its the lack of any response from them thats concerning. But optimistically, and judging from the many hints given (one off the top of my head was the VA who tweeted revealing they were recording for a new FF game, a few months before Type-0s release), it is likely. Square were prepared enough for Duodecim’s release to be able to release it less than a month after the Japan release, they may have originally had similar plans for Type-0

  • We’ll probably know what’s happening by E3. Square-Enix had little to show the past two years and only stayed afloat thanks to Eidos.