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Official English Character Bios

Final Fantasy XV: Official English Character Bios

Recently, a translation of character bios were done based on information released in the latest Famitsu, along with a lot of information regarding XV from Tetsuya Nomura. Today, we bring to you the official English character bios, along with a [...]

June 24, 2013 Articles

Final Fantasy XV: Details on the Characters, Development and Team

Famitsu’s latest issue details on the characters, development and team behind Final Fantasy XV, with abundant information from Tetsuya Nomura himself. Staff Director and Character Designer: Tetsuya Nomura Co-Director: Hajime Tabata Total Visual Director: Takeshi Nozue Composer: Yoko Shimomura Producer: [...]

June 20, 2013 Articles

Square Enix’s Mobile Focus

Final Fantasy is a series that just seems destined to be most at home on mobile devices. With battle systems that have mostly all been adaptable to a touch-screen interface, to games that are low in spec requirements and high [...]

June 20, 2013 Articles
Square-Enix Announces Their E3 Lineup

Square-Enix Announces Their E3 Lineup

Unlike the previous year in which Eidos took most of the attention, Square-Enix announces their E3 lineup this year with a heavy RPG-lineup. None of the titles that will be presented in Square-Enix’s booth are of any surprise, but attendees [...]

June 3, 2013 Articles
Final Fantasy Development Progress Report by Famitsu

Final Fantasy Development Progress Report

Popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reports the progress of upcoming Final Fantasy releases. Accordingly, four of Square-Enix’s titles are represented by percentage to demonstrate how far they are in their development phases: Final Fantasy X HD – 80% Final Fantasy [...]

May 31, 2013 Articles
Tetsuya Nomura

Images of Noctis Perfume Has Surfaced

Merchandise Manager Hidemi Matsuzuka of Square Enix updated his Facebook page with new images of the Noctis perfume, which was revealed a while back. Notice that the branding of the perfume is simply FINAL FANTASY eau de toilette Noctis while [...]

May 20, 2013 Articles
Rachel and Georgia

Join Us in An Interview with Fang and Vanille!

Hey everyone! We have an announcement for you. Georgia Van Cuylenburg and Rachel Robinson will be joining us again for a chat next Thursday, May 16th at 2pm PDT. To make you even more excited, we’ve decided to run a [...]

May 7, 2013 Articles

CEO Yoichi Wada Resigns from Square-Enix

CEO Yoichi Wada resigns from Square-Enix as part of the company’s reformation following their financial revision, which was published earlier today. Wada is going to be replaced by the current representative director, Yosuke Matsuda, scheduled to happen late June during [...]

March 26, 2013 Articles
Final Fantasy X HD

First Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Trailer

With the confirmation of Final Fantasy X/x-2 HD Remaster coming to North America, the first official (German) trailer has made its way to the public. The trailer is supposed to be released tomorrow; for now though, check the trailer out [...]

March 25, 2013 Articles